Ready to become your healthiest self along with a power posse of rockstar women?


I’m Robyn, and I’ve struggled with food and body image my entire life, and it sucks. Diet pills, starving myself (though that never lasted very long), and binging are all too familiar to me.

I was constantly comparing myself to other (thinner) women. I had hips, thighs and a generous tush at 13 years old, and desperately wanted the slender boyish frames all the models were rocking. I wanted to be able to wear anything, not think twice about my body, and feel awesome every day.

But it never quite worked that way. As a natural redhead I’m a little bit of a rebel, and if my brother was having Stouffer’s mac and cheese as an after-school snack, I thought it was a great idea for me too. Even if I didn’t actually feel like it, I would compulsively have some too.

My dad was a chronic overeater and we were partners in crime. He would take me out for giant soft pretzels regularly and always polish off my dinner leftovers.

He passed away when I was 17.

I rode the diet roller coaster hoping to get that “perfect figure” my whole life – labeling everything I ate “good” or “bad.” When I ate less crap I’d lose a few pounds, then I’d eventually binge on the entire contents of my fridge and cabinets, wake up, slog to the office, and do the same thing the next night.

So how did I get off this roller coaster, reach my ideal weight, get super energized, and feel more connected to my work and whole life?

A love of cooking and food led me to enroll in nutrition school. As I went through my own health transformation, I realized I was overeating as a way to connect with my dad. He was handsome, energetic, and dynamic, and I figured if he could eat that way, I could too. Through my studies at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I realized that every person needs different foods to feel their best and thrive. I re-learned the art of eating, and specifically, the exact foods that were right for my unique body.

I never looked back.

Today, I’m grateful to be living my own definition of a brilliant life, and it started with learning how I need to eat and live to feel my best.

Do I still have days where I overeat? Yup. But that’s not what this is about. This is about realizing that life is messy and you’re not gonna eat perfectly all the time.

But you do have the choice to create a strong baseline and make good choices most of the time so you can feel sane and have fun all the time. Even if you are choosing that double ice cream cone after a long ass day.

It’s not what you eat some of that time that matters, it’s what you eat most of the time. And the best part? Now I get to guide thousands of women struggling with their own weight challenges and mental patterns to become their healthiest selves. This work is transformative, and I’m humbled to share it with so many people.

my signature coaching program, Your Healthiest You, is all of my best TEAching, tips and recipes in one well-organized, easy to follow and fun place.



or 2 payments of $199

Diane Sanfilippo

New York Times bestselling author of Practical Paleo and The 21-Day Sugar Detox

“Robyn is a magical mash-up of super-nerdy nutritionist with your stylish, good-advice-giving best girlfriend. She delivers clinical information in her program with a soft-yet-sassy style that only she can — her coaching is the straight-dish on how to be healthy from the inside out.”

Gabrielle Bernstein

New York Times bestselling author of May Cause Miracles

“I love Robyn because she reminds me that my stomach doesn’t have teeth. I feel blessed to have such a seasoned nutrition expert on my speed dial. Robyn is an authentic teacher, leader and coach. Her work is transforming the way we experience food.”

JJ Virgin

CNS, CHFS, Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert, Author of the NYT bestsellers: The Virgin Diet & Sugar Impact Diet

“Poor gut health stalls fat loss, creates hormonal havoc, leaves you feeling lousy, and zaps your overall health. Robyn provides hands-on, easy-to-implement strategies plus fabulous, yummy recipes to crush cravings, reclaim your sexy, and restore gut health so you become lean, energized, and abundantly healthy.”

Keri Glassman

MS, RD Celebrity Dietitian, Nutritionist, Author

“Robyn beautifully takes you through the journey that your bod is meant to experience! Chew, slow down, breathe… and of course, enjoy gorgeous, whole real foods that are good for your body, heart, belly and soul!”


– Still confused about what to put on your plate at most or all of your meals.

Frustrated with all the seemingly conflicting health advice out there (should I be vegan? Or paleo? Drink Bulletproof coffee? Or no caffeine at all??)

Tired of that belly that hangs over your pants when you sit at your desk and makes you feel heavier than you actually are.

Struggling with cravings like ALL the time.

– Ready to have a library of really awesome recipes at your fingertips so that dinner (and lunch leftovers for the week) can come together in less than 30 minutes.

– Have read Thin From Within and/or Go with Your Gut and want support to implement what you learned in a real way.

– Want to be a part of a seriously FUN group!

Here’s what you’ll learn during your 6 week COACHING PROGRAM:

The secret to losing weight without changing a thing in your diet (remember, no deprivation allowed!)

How to feel energized after meals so you can focus at work and go that extra mile

What to do so you don’t feel bloated and food coma-y after you eat

What foods to eat and simple strategies to implement to start pooping like a pro

The cheapest and fastest way to feel vibrantly alive in your body (hello happy moods = less fighting in your relationships)

How to feel calm around food, and how to stop that stressed “diet” “should I have this or shouldn’t I” mentality once and for all

What your insatiable cravings for chocolate chip cookies (or pizza, or whatever!) are really telling you, and what to reach for instead

How to feel inspired to live your most radiant life, every single day

The absolute latest info on the healthy you market – what’s valuable and what’s ignorable!

Best of all, you’ll find a sense of ease.
There will be less of the distracting chatter in your head. You will feel grounded, supported,
and clear on what choices are best for your body, and for your life.


or 2 payments of $199

Here’s what’s included in your program:

Each week you’ll receive:

Weekly recipes and shopping guide

What’s for dinner? I’ve got you. Each week you’ll receive a set of recipes and shopping list to make it easy to actually eat the foods I’m recommending on our calls.

recorded group
coaching call

Weekly calls will provide you with the latest-and-greatest information and inspiration to guide you to lasting results. This call will be a mix of topic focused coaching and Q&A.

Focused topic and tips guide

This will be like your own personal mini report on everything you want to know on that week’s topic such as fermented foods or cravings.

PDF play sheet

Your cheat sheet with key takeaways from the call, and homework assignments aka what to focus on that week for maximum results!

Exclusive YHY Community Facebook group

Where you’ll receive advice, inspiration, and support! This private group is a place for us all to share our challenges and our triumphs – none of us are in this alone!

Special topic videos, recordings, guest interviews and bonus coaches!

PLUS you’ll also receive these fab bonuses:

Robyn’s Core Recipes

These 13 recipes are my staples, what I’m making and eating most weeks. They are easy and (most importantly) totally delicious.

Robyn’s Core Shopping List

Exactly what you’ll need to pick up at your supermarket or health foods store to make all of the core recipes.

Intuition Video Workshop

In this workshop, I’ll guide you to that voice, that inner guru so that you can start making
decisions from that place of knowing.


When you join Your Healthiest You, you’ll get instant access to my new guide “Robyn’s Go-To Pantry Dinners.” These are my go-to dishes that come together with a few pantry, fridge and freezer staples so you can have a healthy meal on the table fast and without too much fuss. These 11 dishes are my go tos and what I regularly make in my house for myself, my husband and my daughter. These dinners are perfect for the nights when you do not have the time to make a full on recipe but want a quick home cooked healthy dinner.


or 2 payments of $199

here’s what we’ll cover each week:


Your Healthiest You food fundamentals (what to put on your plate at every meal) plus how to identify your non-negotiables, so that you can stop questioning your food choices and start feeling better in your body immediately.


The what, why, and {most importantly} how of fermented foods! You’ll learn all about these superfoods and how to actually get them into your diet. Oh, and YES there will be easy recipes too!

WEEK 3:  cravings

Everyone’s favorite frenemy – we’ll cover how to listen to and learn from your cravings with guest expert Alex Jamieson, so that you can stop feeling controlled by the office candy stash or your evening ice cream habit.

How to start {and stick with!} a meditation practice that supports you in reaching your healthy-you goals. This is what helps everything else start to feel a lot easier and more a part of you, versus another thing on your to-do list.

Feeling like your hormones are all out of whack? I’ve got you covered with this in-depth module with guest expert Nicole Jardim. You’ll learn how to tell if your hormones are wrecking havoc on your goals, and where to start to bring them into balance.

During this call I’ll coach you through how to take everything that you’ve learned throughout the program and make it a real, lasting part of your life. Together we’ll map out your next steps and how you can truly become your healthiest you.

what people are saying:

Beth felt a huge difference in her body and brain.

My goal when beginning this program was to lose weight, but also to learn. I wanted to feel like I was doing something tangible to move in the right direction towards my weight and health goals. And I’m happy to share I felt so supported and I learned way more than I thought possible. I have worked fermented foods into my diet. I have tried new recipes. I am meditating more and trying to concentrate on sleep. I am working on talking to myself and understanding the reasoning behind my cravings and food decisions. One of my biggest changes has been adding dark leafy greens! I’ve felt a huge difference in my brain and body thanks to this program.



Robyn is just so loving, she is not judgemental or fake. She is honest and kind and really easy to connect with. You just can’t help wanting to be her BFF and listening to all the sage advice she has to offer. Emily is just as phenomenal and relatable. My biggest challenge was daily digestive upset and most of my digestive issues were resolved! I am enjoying being less stressed about what I look like and enjoying the wonderful things my body can do for me.

– REBEcca kipfer


My goals included: eating more vegetables, getting my cycle more regular, becoming more balanced overall. Because of the program, I made my own sauerkraut, began to meditate daily, enjoyed more vegetables, and brought my cycle from 45-90 days down to 37-39 days. One of my favorite things about the program was Robyn’s personal touch and the supportive Facebook community.

– lauren kepler


Before the program, I was constantly bloated and lacked energy during the day, even though I was eating ‘healthy’. During the program, I lost 3-5 pounds and I learned the biggest cause of my bloating was from eating too fast and from eating raw veggies on an empty stomach. I also switched from coffee to tea, and started eating much slower. I love having less bloating and more energy! I also loved the encouragement from the Facebook group and the fact that the candid calls with Robyn didn’t ‘sugar coat’ the real issues!

– stephanie giles


Robyn was my favorite part of this program. She’s very relatable and positive.  And demystifies food problems and the shame I feel around them. I also made sauerkraut! And continue to do it. I have more focus on chewing, meditation, and centeredness.

– katie rogers


My goals in the program were to gain meal prep tips. I was eating clean but scrambling every day to cook and get it done. Now, I’ve made my own kraut, and intense meal prep is happening on Sundays!!! I am meal prepping with joy not hate!! I love Robyn’s enthusiasm and her basic approach making it all simple. The best for me was the LIVE session of meal prepping!

– suzy harmon


I made my own sauerkraut! And I intend to continue to play with fermenting my own food. I’ve been finding way more joy in cooking at home and trying new recipes from the program. The recipes aren’t overly complicated so I actually find joy in making them and experimenting with them. I love all the worksheets and recipes!!! I also loved that I could work on each subject on my own time. There was no problem if I fell behind or couldn’t find the time in that moment. I’m also really excited to revisit each week again. I love that it’s not something that was a one shot deal. My weekly meal prep has improved drastically – and it’s fun! I’ve also created a daily meditation practice.

– kelly Brantingham


I have now completed two full marathons, I have a kitchen full of live foods (that die if I don’t eat/cook soon), I have started taking a desiccated liver supplement, I drink water first thing, I’ve started moving my body before my morning meditation – light stretching/yoga – and that has improved my focus in meditation. I eat sauerkraut daily, I eat a lot more fat than ever before, I drink kombucha, I slow down and chew my foods. I have happily gotten rid of my candy stash and even when it’s around, I’m not craving it as often. I’m drinking less alcohol. My stomach is tight and muscular again, not bloated. I’ve noticed my pants are fitting better. I’ve gotten my mother started on aloe juice and it has transformed her body. I have a lot more energy, I’m getting so much more done than ever before. I started dating someone!! 🙂 My biggest change has been my energy level. I am able to do so much more from an energetic, happy place. I loved the authenticity of the program. Ive never encountered a coach so open and willing to share her own struggles which has made Robyn so relatable to me. What I love about the new me is my increased confidence…that even if there are still areas I am improving, that I know I am healthy, fit and that I am doing my very best to live in my highest level of truth. I was eating out all the time before this program and paying little attention to how food could actually benefit me, instead of it being a punishment.  I still have some thoughts, body image issues, and the occasional mindless meal but I can tell these changes I’ve incorporated since beginning this program are lifelong. I am so much more tuned in to the woman I am now than I was before beginning this. Thank you so very much. I am SO excited about the holidays with no fear of how to navigate the food this year!

– mandy cothern


My goal was to eat healthier. Through the program, I started meditating, tracking my cycle, created a self care regime, started chewing, and started being present. Being present during my day and listening to my body’s needs have been my biggest changes since starting! Epic course. I’m really happy!

– michelle dunne


I signed up to work with Robyn because I wanted to learn how to take better care of my body. There are so many fad diets and articles and confusing messages out there. It’s so hard to know what to believe. I grew up eating diet soda and fat free pringles and low fat everything. I was terrified of “fats” like avocados and nuts.

I’ve learned so much! I feel really good about the positive changes I’ve made. I have definitely lost weight, too, maybe 5-10 pounds, which is a lot on me because I’m only 5 feet tall. As Robyn says, this is physical weight but it’s also emotional. She told me to think of it as shedding ‘what I no longer need’ and I like that. It’s true. I didn’t TRY to lose weight or count calories. I just tried to nourish and nurture myself and be really good to my body and this is what happened. I guess I didn’t need those extra pounds! I rarely buy food that comes in a package! Everything is ‘real’. It feels so good and natural and back-to-basics. I now exercise to FEEL GOOD. Not to lose weight and guess what? It works. I do feel good. It is a combo of exercise and eating real, good-for-me foods. I just feel lighter and happier. I have also overcome binge eating; gotten rid of my guilt over eating.

Robyn was our health guru and the catalyst for it all. What surprised me in a really good way is the support I got from classmates – people whom I have never met. When I made a bad choice and wrote about it on our Facebook group, I was met by such warmth and support. It felt like the best type of girl power! Girls standing up for each other and showing up for each other. I love that!

– Eliza weiss

This program came in at a good time for me, and offered emotional support. I liked that I could take as much time as I wanted to do what I needed. The moral and emotional support was the best. And the group calls were an amazing group of women. There was a great dynamic and everyone was in a similar place. I loved the female energy and the women empowerment! I feel so proud of everything I have accomplished and I feel good with my food choices.

– mikayla sciscente


I have followed so many different diets and am an IIN grad, but what Robyn was able to do was to de-dogmatize everything. She got me back to basics in a way that no one else is teaching. Robyn is the first person in this field that has made me feel like ‘Oh, yeah, I don’t have to keep searching. The answers really are inside me.’ From the very first module, Robyn helped me reconnect with my non-negotiables and self-care, which was a goal for me going into the program. Everything in this program opened space for me – I had space to do the program in your own time, at my own pace, and I felt like Robyn was there for me the whole time.

– kalee thomas


Every call we had I kept thinking ‘This is my favorite call!’ I especially loved the Hormones and Cravings modules. I myself coach other people on their hormones, but I thought it was so great that I still learned new information about hormones. On the cravings call, I learned so much about why I eat and when. Robyn is such an amazing coach, she is able to laser into exactly what we need to hear! It’s amazing what she can cover in each session.

– Shana sweeney


or 2 payments of $199

meet robyn

Robyn Youkilis, AADP is a Certified Wellness Expert, TV personality, and #1 best-selling author that The View, The Today Show, People Magazine, Redbook and thousands of women go to when they look in the mirror and ask “What do I do? I can’t deal with another diet” Known for her straightforward yet supportive style, Robyn helps her clients through her signature group coaching program “Your Healthiest You” break free of the craziness of dieting and connect to their inner “sparkle”-their truest and best selves-through no-nonsense action steps. She’s been featured by The Cooking Channel, The Wall Street Journal, Health, Men’s Fitness, Fitness, The Huffington Post, CBS News, NYLON and more. Robyn lives in New York City and Los Angeles with her husband and her daughter. Her books, Go with Your Gut: The Insider’s Guide to Banishing the Bloat and Thin From Within: The Go With Your Gut Way To Lose Weight with 75 Digestion-Friendly Recipes are AVAILABLE NOW

I’m interested BUT…

Why is this program different?
This is a true health coaching program. That means you’ll have the support and coaching you need from me and my team of experts to specifically address your body and your life. I have also been doing this for almost a decade and am still passionately providing coaching support for my clients. Why? Because along with the supportive group elements that’s ultimately what makes this work last forever.
Is this just going to be another meditate daily and don’t eat white flour program?
I am the definition of a health junkie. I am always (as in every single day) reading the latest food and supplement trends and experimenting to see what really works. You will 100% be in the know and not need to rely on blanket, one size fits all, type solutions (that don’t really work in the long term).
Will this be like therapy? As in will I constantly be asked “what do you think?” or will I actually be guided to what to do?

You’ll get an amazing mix of exactly what to do to see results literally, today (I can be a little bossy in the best way possible. Hooray for not always having to think so darn much!), plus a significant amount of coaching and support to guide YOU to KNOW what to do (when you’re ready!). You’ll likely never need to work with another coach or buy another program ever again. This is my ultimate goal I’ve achieved again and again, year after year. I regularly receive emails from past clients still thanking me for the massive impact their work had on their lives.

Like this one I just had to share….

I am literally doing so well with my eating – and I owe it all to you!

Robyn, you would literally not believe what a change there has been in my life since working with you – I am like a little Your Healthiest You ambassador! So THANK YOU for being the catalyst for so much change in my life! I am looking better and feeling better than I ever have – and I know that I can attribute those changes to all of the internal work on my “gut”, both diet and spirit.

Sending you much love and ever so much gratitude,
E xo

This is a big investment for me. Do you offer any other payment options?

I totally hear you and I get that making a financial AND emotional commitment can feel scary. But sometimes scary can be a really amazing catalyst for real change. If this is really feeling like a “yes, it’s time” for you then you know you need to, as my mom likes to say, “(insert explicative) or get off the pot”, so to make this as doable as possible for a limited time we’re offering a payment plan option. This way no matter what your budget is, you can join in on the fun and get the level of coaching work you *know* you need. Just email us at with any special payment plan requests and we’ll get you taken care of.

Also, I find it can help to think about it this way:
– A daily Starbucks habit: $155 per month
– A weekly personal training session: $400 per month
– Medical bills + missed time at work for days when you are sick or feeling BLAH: $$$
– Feeling truly HEALTHY and VIBRANT in your body: PRICELESS

And really, what will it cost you if you don’t take care of this now? What is that worth?

If I’ve worked with you in the past would it make sense for me to join this program?
OMG, yes! Most of my clients work with me in some capacity for years and years. Even though they know a lot of the healthy guidelines it’s totally different when they’re freshly committed in such a powerful and supportive way. When you’re in the right coaching program it becomes magically easier to actually DO all those healthy habits. Sometimes we “fall off”, but, it’s not really falling off! Sometimes we just need to be in a group so our souls can show up. We need that inspiration. We need a coach we love! (And I have mine too!). Additionally half the women in this group are former private clients or Rockstar Roadmap alumni!
I’ve never done anything like this before, how do I know it will work for me?
I’m passionate about this program. Here’s my promise to you: 100% Money Back Guarantee. I will gladly pay you your money back if after coaching for two weeks in the program and completing all the assignments, you are unsatisfied with your results or experience. There is a reason you are reading this page again and again. There is a reason you’ve kept it open on your crowded bar of open tabs. I want you to listen to that part of you that knows and trusts that this is exactly where you need to be.

Have more questions? Contact us!

Don’t wait any longer tinkering around with different diets and driving yourself insane. You’re way too smart for that. It’s time to get a handle on your health in an easy, doable, and supportive way. We can’t do it alone. Every successful client of mine has said they would NOT have been able to succeed without my support. And now you can have it too!

So what are you waiting for? Now is the time for Your Healthiest You.

If you have any questions at all about the program options, email us at We are happy to answer any questions in as much detail as you need to feel comfortable and confident moving forward.

Lots of love (and I can’t wait to work with you!!!!!),

Robyn xoo